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Ankara Lion Grade – African-Inspired Fabric with Regal

NGN2,500.00( Wholesale: NGN1,900.00 )
The Ankara Lion Grade is a vibrant and intricate African-inspired fabric featuring a regal lion pattern.

Bubu Gown

Bubu gown of different styles, colors and brand . just for #7,000

Collection of Top and Free Trousers for Ladies

Fashionable, classy of collection of different styles, colors of top and free, loss trouser for your comfort. Prices ranging from #8000 to #9,000 each.  

Corporate Wears For Ladies

A collection of corporate wears of different colors, styles, design for different occasions. Price ranging from #5000 to #8000

Explore the Vibrant World of African Art with African

Discover the beauty of African art with the African Queen Wrapper Material. This vibrant and high-quality fabric

Fancy Eye Glasses

Generic fashion full frame trendy eye glassess with different colour, styles and design. just for#8800

Fashionable Ear Rings

Fashionable, classy ear rings . available in different designs and styles. 2000 from 10 pieces. 2500 for from 1-9 pieces

High-Quality Plain and Pattern Material for Sewing

NGN1,600.00( Wholesale: NGN1,600.00 )
Discover our versatile Quality Plain and Pattern material for all your sewing and crafting needs.

Jewelry ear ring, locket, ring and chain

Collections of different design, styles of jewelry ear rings,chain, locket and ring for#9,000. without chain is #8000

Joy Hand Bag

Joy hand bag . avliable in black,green, white and carton colors,  Few pieces left. Just for#4800

Lla Hand Bag

Lala Hand bag . very portable just for #4800

Premium Quality Senator Material for Long-lasting Garments

NGN2,000.00( Wholesale: NGN2,000.00 )
Experience the luxury and durability of the Quality Senator Material. Perfect for garments, upholstery