Your shipping options


Flat-fee shipping

Set one shipping rate for all buyers. Research similar items’ shipping costs and various carriers’ rates to set the right price.


Calculated shipping

Use Shopmovies shipping calculator to determine a fair rate to ship your item based on its packaged size and weight, as well as your and your buyer’s location.


Local pickup

Perfect for large, heavy, or fragile items, local pickup can be one of the shipping options for an item—or the only option. It’s up to you!



 Use cash on delivery option available for some locations, seller in these locations can offer COD to their buyers.

Your shipping carrier options

Choose from the most trusted carriers and get exclusive discounts.

Sea Shipping on Shopmovies

Some sellers may like to ship by sea, because item may be too large or low cost, by selecting sea option some item may arrive within 60 days.

Find out from seller shipping policy and time of delivery.

Shipping best practices

  • Offer free shipping

    Buyers love free shipping and they expect it when they shop online.

    In fact, buyers are more likely to choose an item with free shipping over an item with a shipping charge even if the total cost is the same.

    Offer free shipping by incorporating the cost of shipping into the item’s price, and give buyers what they want!

  • Offer expedited shipping options

    Increase sales and deliver great customer service by offering free standard shipping as your first shipping option and next-day or other expedited services as additional options for buyers who’d like it.

    Note that seller fees are based on your first shipping option, so you won’t pay a higher final value fee if your buyer selects a higher-priced shipping option.

    Consider these services from our carriers, which provide next-day delivery:

    USPS FedEx UPS
    Priority Mail Express FedEx Priority Overnight Next Day Air Saver
    Priority Mail Express Flat Rate FedEx Standard Overnight Next Day Air (offers Saturday delivery)
    FedEx Priority Overnight One Rate
    FedEx Standard Overnight One Rate

    Consider these services from our carriers, which provide a maximum estimated delivery time of three business days:

    USPS FedEx UPS
    Priority Mail FedEx Express Saver UPS 3 Day Select
    Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope FedEx 2Day UPS 2nd Day Air
    Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box FedEx Express Saver One Rate
    Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box FedEx 2Day One Rate
    Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box
    First Class Mail
  • Maintain your shipping service promise

    Provide a great customer experience by using the class of shipping service you promised in your listing. If you use a slower shipping service than the one you offered, your items may be delivered later than your customer expects.

  • Upload tracking information

    Build trust with your buyers by always keeping them informed. When you upload your item’s tracking information, your buyer can stay up-to-date on the whereabouts of their order. Buyers feel more confident and at ease when they can keep an eye on where their package is or its estimated arrival.