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What’s in your handbag? 10 ITEMS EVERY WOMAN MUST HAVE IN 2019

Shopmovies Marketplace In Nigeria | Online Shopping for Popular Electronics What’s in your handbag? 10 ITEMS EVERY WOMAN MUST HAVE IN 2019

Women are often shamed for carrying huge handbags and many people wonder what is in there anyways. A lady’s handbag is filled with all types of “necessary” stuffs ranging from notebook, toothbrush to even frying pan. However, a moderate size handbag is sufficient to carry the basic necessities for a full day. In this article, we highlight 10 items every woman must carry in their handbags to survive a day.

  1. Lipstick

What’s your shade of pretty? Every woman has that one color that keeps her chin high; and what happens mid-day when all the color fades to gray? Well then, it’s time to up. She doesn’t need to have her whole makeup set because that’s too much load and frankly, unnecessary. It’s a great choice to have your favorite shade of lipstick always pined to your handbag.

2. Wallet

Of course, a wallet. What gives people the impression that only men are responsible to keep a wallet? Well enough, a lady’s bag has several pouches to fit moderate size object, including money and bank cards. But haven’t you ever been in a scenario when at one location (not home) you decide, “I want to make this quick errand and back. I wish I had a smaller carry on”, yes you can simply have your money and card on your palms, but that looks very tacky…no one likes tacky. Maybe wallet is such a masculine noun; there are many fancy pouch-type-wallets that fits just right inside our handbag. We can put all the serious stuff like identity card, cash, bank card, licenses, etc…

3. Key holder

Who among us don’t have a key? Even an apartment key? … Locker key? Well for those who do have a key, it’s very important to keep a key holder. Don’t you just hate it when you are in a hurry and you ransack every corner of your handbag just looking for a single damn key! It’s annoying because now that the whole bag is messy, you start feeling messed up. A key holder is very easy to spot. We recommend the hook type key holder that is stationed on just one spot in your handbag.

4. Safety pin

For all the terrible days that fate wants to humiliated our existence, at least there is a safety pin to hold our pride just enough to keep hope. Our stitches could fail sometimes, we never know when and how, or why…. Crazy things just happen- wrapped blouse, button pop, baggy shirt; at least we prepared for the worst (including a crazy baby mama who we may or may not know from Adams). Well either a safety pin or a quick run to the boutique for a dress not in our wish lists.

5. Flash drive

We don’t know what file we may need and when we need it. If we were to be honest, smartphones are basically built for chatting and taking selfies and probably surfing the web, but keeping a file!? It’s easy to dispute a flash in this kind of cloud-based era, however consider a challenge of no internet access. The good old flash drive helps to send, receive and store files in the condition of working with a USB port.  Plus, it just looks really cool to have a flash drive anywhere you go.

6. Tissue

Bless You!. You shouldn’t go around wiping your nose with- your blouse? Ew! don’t do that. Even if you never have a running nose, some body may, and courtesy demands and not request. It is a good personal hygiene to have some kind of sterilized wipe. Maybe a chair is dusty, so how do you wipe? Your palms? Yuk! And one of those days when you must use the public bathroom and then no wipe? What! No wipe? Ok, you get the point.

7. Notebook

One doesn’t necessarily need to be a writer to own a notebook and honestly, these days, writers don’t even need to own a notebook to write. However, it’s a great exercise to jot things down. Scribbling down your thoughts, who knows, it could be the light bulb to a beginning of a great innovation. It may not seem so grand at that point and it may not even make sense at all. Check out Smart Bonny’s 5 habits of highly successful leaders.

8. Pen

Well, a notebook wouldn’t write itself. Not to mention that you need a pen to sign almost anything this day, be it bank slip or visitor’s booklet.

9. Mobile Phone

Don’t you just dislike when you are speaking to a person and they are focused on their phone? Its not like they mean to be disrespectful; they just can’t help themselves. it’s a bad habit that has been embedded into modern-day pop culture. Its more respectable when dealing with anyone, that your phone should be kept away. Holding it even without operating it doesn’t count. Just by the site of it, sends a vibe that you are expecting a call/message any second, therefore the other party should hasten up. Why not keep the phone in your handbag, and when its so important to place a call or text, excuse yourself and do your business? When you are done place the phone back into your handbag and continue were you left off. In that way, the other party can see you are settled and therefore, value that moment.

10. Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is happy and content with the goodness of the world? Contrary to popular believes, looking at a mirror once in a while doesn’t mean vanity. It is an act of appreciating who you are. How can one love themselves when they can’t stand their reflection? Make it a habit to stare at the mirror at least twice a day. Michael Jackson will state that to change the world begins with the man in the mirror.

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